A Quick Lesson About Amon Amarth

Published: 26th September 2011
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In 1988 in Sweden a band known as Scum was shaped through two guitarists, a drummer, and vocalist.

Not long after this band formed, Johan Hegg, a vocalist from the realm, took Mäkitalo's place and the band that will emerge as recognize as Amon Amarth started began as one of the best death metal bands.

After releasing a demo in 1991, Scum formally modified their identity Amon Amarth, after the Sindarin translation of Mount Doom from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth, and recorded their first demo under the brand new moniker, entitled Thor Arise, in 1993. When the band modified their name, in addition they modified their lyrical center of attention and musical route too adoption a more melodic and loss of life metal encouraged sound along with Viking and mythological impressed lyrics. The band consisted of Olavi Mikkonen on guitars, Anders Hansson additionally on guitars, Nico Kaukinen on drums and Ted Lundström on bass. One demo and an ep later, Amon Amarth was once signed to Metal blade Records where they launched their first full-size document titled Once Sent From The Golden Hall.

In 1998, as Amon Amarth was once readying for their greatest tour thus far, with Deicide, Six Feet Beneath, and Brutal Reality, guitarist Anders Hansson unexpectedly left the band and was once replaced with Johan Soderberg. When the tour used to be full, Amon Amarth misplaced one other of it is personnel, Martin Lopez, who left and joined Opeth. The ex drummer from A Canorous Quintet, a fellow via the title of Fredrik Andersson, used to be quickly discovered as a replacement. Thus ended the departures from Amon Amarth (so far) and the band's line-up used to be set.

Perhaps the band's most critically and fan acclaimed record 2006's With Oden on Our Side. This album used to be the band's first to enter the Billboard charts peaking at quantity 15 on the High Heatseekers, and quantity 26 at the Independent Albums chart. A easy picture of the Nordic god Odin in entrance of a Valknut symbol was once the one factor that decorated the quilt of this album. Where the band often used very bright photographs of Viking mythology and historical past it was once fairly a departure. the Tjängvide stone was the band idea for the cover. The band's most recent album, Surtur Emerging, also confirmed the band taking something of a departure from their norm and overlaying a total of 3 songs from Accept (Balls to the Wall), Kiss (Conflict Machine), or even Device of A Down (Aerials). Amon Amarth's solely different enterprise into masking bands used to be on 2002's Verses the International once they lined a Black Sabbath tune.

Due to Amon Amarth's heavy use of Viking lyrics they're often referred to as Viking Metal. The band dismisses this and has acknowledged that they are, in reality, a death metal band with Viking lyrics.

Amon Amarth has carved for themselves a legacy of a devoted band that releases nice records on a consistent foundation and conjures up waves of other bands. Eight records below their belts, seven tune videos, and a ton of tours, Amon Amarth reside legends that will very properly not decelerate for an extended time. ...And that is all she wrote.

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